Valerie has found an amazing way to give of herself to the pets she has such a passion for -- bringing out their amazing personalities on camera and helping them to find their forever homes. She is talented, compassionate and the perfect person to work with animals -- whether they're up for adoption or just ready for their close ups with their loving owners.

Many thanks to Valerie for the incredible work she does. :)
Emily Miklos

I had the pleasure of working with Valerie during a puppy photo shoot for our 10-week-old Lab, and from start to finish our experience was outstanding. Her work is high-quality, the shots were diverse and she went above and beyond to ensure we and our puppy were comfortable with her and her camera... all while keeping up with our puppy's energy and, at best, short attention span. But what impressed me most is how she's using her talent to give back - and that by working working with her I could, in a very small way, help her continue her awesome work. Thank you Valerie!

Kaitlin Johnson

Valerie, I've worked with you a couple times when you've so generously photographed my Peace for Paws foster dogs. You are patient and kind with the (many times) wiggly pups and you hang in there until you get the very best possible shots of your animal subjects.

Your talent is impressive your choice to share it with those in need is incredible! May your karma return to you many fold!

Cathy Nordyke

Valerie, I bet every animal that you have taken a picture of has been adopted. The pictures are incredible. The animals look so happy and animated- I can tell they were comfortable with you. What a kind and generous gift you are giving to the shelters and organizations that are in need. The pictures could NOT be better.
I will tell all my animal loving friends and customers about you!

Melissa Best

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